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At Thermax there is a strong commitment from top management towards Health Safety & Environment. Thermax addresses the health, safety, environment issues through an integrated HSE management system. The integrated HSE management system (environment management system as well as Occupational Health and safety management system) is duly approved by accredited agency M/s DNV Netherlands.

Health examination of all employees is carried out before they join the company and thereafter it is done based on risk factors. The monitoring of workplace parameter is carried out and the corrective actions, if required, are taken. The health awareness training programmes including ergonomic trainings are regularly organised for the employees. Bi-annual medical checkup is carried out for all the workers to support them to find out the deceases, so that the proper care can be taken to ensure healthy living. Once the medical checkup is done, the diseased workman is made aware of the Do's and Don'ts in his Diet & Nutrition & regular exercises to follow.

A family programme on Moral Re-armament is organised outside the factory, where the couple is exposed to many factors of life (Personal & Professional).

At Thermax all the employees and their dependents are covered under a mediclaim policy, which provides reimbursement for hospitalisation expenses. A medical trust is also established for the benefit of the workmen, where workmen and management contribute funds in the ratio of 1:2. Medical benefits are given to workers from this trust. All employees are covered under a Personal Accident Policy.

A staff welfare trust is also established. Hospitalisation expenses not covered under the insurance scheme for staff are reimbursed through this trust.

In order to extend financial help to a workman who is genuinely sick and has no leave to his credit, the sick leave bank concept is introduced.

In the event of death of an employee, a minimum of Rs.100 gets deducted from the salary of all employees. The company also makes a contribution equal to the amount collected through employees. The amount collected is paid to the dependents of the employee.

A professional counselor is retained by the company to counsel those workers who are addicted to bad habits. Counseling helps them to overcome their personal problems.

Medical fitness certified by the company doctor, is a pre-requisite for joining the organisation. Thermax has a fully equipped medical inspection room with services of two para-medical professionals and a visiting doctor. An ambulance with all life support facilities is available full time at the premises to handle any emergency. The organisation also has a tie-up with the specialised medical professionals around the manufacturing premises to provide the best treatment in cases of medical emergency.

Our commitment to employee health is evident from the following initiatives:

  • Group medical insurance scheme - for staff members.
  • Thermax Workmen Medical Trust - for covering operators and their immediate family members.
  • Group personal accident and life insurance policy.
  • Health awareness and stress management training to employees from time to time.
  • Publishing of articles by experts on health and safety in the company house magazine.
Company provides hygienic food for employees at a minimal rate. At Thermax the cafeteria at B&H was given a new look in order to create an ambience similar to that of the software industries.

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Our quality policy starts and ends with the customer as a focal point: understanding the customer's requirements, designing optimal solutions to meet those requirements, building systems and processes in place to ensure quality at every stage, and achieving our commitments on delivery and service before and after sales.

It is our endeavour to create a culture of total quality where continuous improvement of our products becomes a way of life.

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