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100 – 1000 TR

Cooling capacity

5ºC to Delta T – 30ºC max

Chilled water temp.

10 – 25 bar.g

Steam pressure

Thermax Ammonia vapour absorption machine can utilise various heat sources like steam, hot water, fuel and exhaust. These machines are used for serving the negative chilling demand (below 0ºC) and can achieve chilled water temperature as low as -60ºC. The capacity of these machines ranges from 50 to 450 TR for standard packaged units and up to 1000 TR for custom built design units.
Ammonia Vapour Absorption Machine, Vapour Absorption Machine with zero global warming potential, Lithium bromide machines are based on eco-friendly technology
Thermax Ammonia vapour absorption machine find applications in industries like: chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dairies, ice production, food processing and cold storages, to name a few.

Ammonia as a refrigerant has zero global warming potential and therefore these absorption machines, like Lithium bromide machines, are based on an eco-friendly technology.
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