Thermax is the first absorption chiller manufacturer in the world to commercialise the ultimate in absorption technology – the Triple Effect Absorption Chiller. This is a major breakthrough in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning. Triple effect absorption chillers have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 1.8, which is nearly 30% higher than the double effect absorption chillers. This helps the user to reduce the energy requirement for cooling significantly.

Thermax manufactures Triple Effect Chillers in India and supplies them to more than 90+ countries across the globe.
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Thermax has the complete range of hot water chillers, specially designed for low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature hot water


Low temperature hot water chillers are further classified as Low
Capacity (LT Series) and High Capacity (5G Series)


Cogenie is a simple and compact small capacity single effect hot water chiller. It is widely used for combined heat power and cooling (CHPC) based air- conditioning application is USA and Europe.

Operating Range
  • Capacity: From 10 to 200 TR (35 to 700 kW)
  • Hot water temperature: From 75ºC(167ºF) to 120ºC(248ºF)
  • Chilled water temperature: Up to 3.5ºC (38.5ºF)
  • COP: 0.65–0.72
5G Series

5G Series comes with two stage evaporation & condensation technology (also known as Twin design). This ensures the lowest specific heat input as compared to other contemporary VAMs, making them the most efficient VAM in its category. This results in lowest operating cost throughout the life cycle of the VAM and lowest water consumption in cooling tower thus saving precious water.

Operating Range
  • Capacity: From 200 to 1380USRT (700 to 4850 kW)
  • Hot water temperature: From 75ºC(167ºF) to 120ºC (248ºF)
  • Chilled water temperature: Up to 0ºC (34ºF)
  • COP: 0.75 – 0.8

Medium temperature hot water machine is one of the oldest and most established absorption machines, driven by low grade energy and consuming minimum power. It follows the single effect technology, where the gain in concentration of the absorbent is achieved using only one generator

Operating Range
  • Capacity: From 100 to 2180USRT (350 to 7650kW)
  • Hot water temperature: From 120ºC to 150ºC (248ºF to 302ºF)
  • Chilled water temperature: Up to 0ºC (33.8ºF)
  • COP: 0.7 – 0.75

High temperature hot water machines are of the double effect type, where, the gain in concentration is achieved in two steps. The primary generator (referred as High Temperature Generator or HTG) produces vapour, whose latent heat is transferred to lithium bromide in secondary generator (referred as Low Temperature Generator or LTG).

Thermax double effect absorption chillers are designed based on its proven Advanced Series Flow technology. This ensures that the highest concentration and highest temperature of Lithium Bromide solution doesn’t occur simultaneously. Due to this the rate of corrosion is negligible compared to the para flow or reverse flow technologies.

Operating Range
  • Capacity: From 50 to 2500USRT (175 to 8800kW)
  • Hot water temperature: From 150ºC to 180ºC (302ºF to 356ºF)
  • Chilled water temperature: Up to 1ºC (34ºF) and -2ºC (28.5 ºF) with brine
  • COP: 1.4 – 1.45
  • Hot water from Solar collectors
  • Process condensate heat recovery
  • Engine jacket water
  • Heat recovery from flue gases

Hot water fired machines are used for process cooling, industrial and comfort air-conditioning. A popular application of hot water fired machines is Charge Air Cooling of DGs & Gas Turbines. These machines typically find application in cases where the hot water source is already present, as part of an industrial or commercial process.

Hot water fired chillers are generally used in industries like: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Textiles, Captive Power Plants, Steel, Hotels & Hospitals, Restaurants, Software Parks, Offices, Educational Institutions, Museums, etc.

10 TR to
3500 TR

Cooling capacity

5ºC chilled

Delta T 30ºC

75°C to 225°C

Hot Water

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