Thermax is the first absorption chiller manufacturer in the world to commercialise the ultimate in absorption technology – the Triple Effect Absorption Chiller. This is a major breakthrough in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning. Triple effect absorption chillers have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 1.8, which is nearly 30% higher than the double effect absorption chillers. This helps the user to reduce the energy requirement for cooling significantly.

Thermax manufactures Triple Effect Chillers in India and supplies them to more than 90+ countries across the globe.
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Multi - Energy Driven Chillers

Thermax multi energy machines are designed as per Single-Double effect technology, enabling maximum heat recovery from both the heat sources. High grade and low grade heat is used in Double effect cycle and Single effect cycle respectively. Most commonly used Multi energy machine is EJ Series i.e., using Engine exhaust and engine jacket water.

High Grade
  • Steam (4 to 10Kg/cm²)
  • Exhaust gas(350 to 600°C)
  • Hot water(150 to 180°C)
Low grade
  • Steam( 0 to 3Kg/cm²)
  • Hot water(80 to 95°C)
  • Supplementary backup : Direct Oil/Gas Firing
  • COP : 1.0 – 1.1
Operating Range
  • Capacities : From 100 to 3500 USRT (175 to 12300kW)
  • Chilled water temperature : Up to 1°C (34°F) and -2°C (28.5°F) for brine
  • Heat source : Exhaust gas, steam, hot water & liquid/gas fuels
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