Thermax is the first absorption chiller manufacturer in the world to commercialise the ultimate in absorption technology. This is a major breakthrough in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning. Absorption chillers have a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 1.8, which is nearly 30% higher than the double effect absorption chillers. This helps the user to reduce the energy requirement for cooling significantly.

Thermax manufactures Triple Effect Chillers in India and supplies them to more than 90+ countries across the globe.
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Thermax offers a range of steam driven vapour absorption machines driven by saturated steam pressure at 0.1 kg/cm2 to 26 kg/cm2. Steam driven VAMs are categorised as Single effect, Double effect and Triple effect depending on the heat source temperature. The source of heat for steam driven VAMs can be: 

  • Steam from boiler
  • Steam from processes
  • Steam from cogeneration plants
  • Steam from turbines

Many industries in India and across the world like Food & Beverages, Paper & Pulp, Pharma, Steel, Dairy, Refinery & Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Textiles, commercial and many more have benefited from Thermax’s steam-driven VAMs

The operation of the absorption chiller is controlled by stand-alone PLC based control panel. The touch screen HMI provided on the control panel through which the operator can set the necessary set points and can see all the operating parameters, status, alarms, trip logs. The chiller is also equipped with necessary level controls, temperature sensors, flow safety devices etc. to control and safeguard the chiller. For viewing the operating parameters of the chiller from a remote location, MODBUS RTU or Ethernet connectivity is available. 

Product Features
  • Highest possible COP
  • Online concentration measurement
  • Stainless steel tubes for generator
  • Stainless steel plate type solution heat exchangers
  • Advance series flow technology
  • VFD for solution pump
  • PLC based control panel
  • BMS connectivity
  • Colour Touch screen operator interface
Operating Range
  • Cooling capacity: 100 – 1000 TR (350 – 3500 kW)
  • Chilled water:
    • Lowest outlet temperature: 5°C
    • Chilled water delta T – 30°C max
  • Cooling water:
    • Design inlet temperature: 25°C – 32°C
    • Minimum inlet temperature: 10°C
  • Driving heat source: Steam (Pressure: 10 – 25 bar.g, Dry saturated) or Hot Water (Inlet temperature: 190°C – 225°C)
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