Our product range today covers Pulse Jet Bag Filters and Reverse Air Bag Houses, both structurally supported by freestanding on-line and modular off-line type units, including insertable type units.

Pulse Jet Bag Filters with filter bags of length more than 6 meters is equipped with pulsing system, an innovation patented by Thermax, delivers benefits of reduction in compressed air consumption, maintaining Differential Pressure translating into saving in power consumption of ID fan, facilitates capacity enhancement of  existing Bag Filter through retrofits
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Here the gas enters into the bag filter tangentially. This gives the dust laden gas a circular motion, which helps in removing the heavy & coarser particles that are present in the gas stream. These particles are collected directly into the hopper.

Due to this process, only very fine particles move above and get collected on the bag surface. Thus the total dust load on bags is reduced, which helps in maintaining lower pressure drop across bags, lesser frequency of bag pulsing. This ultimately increases bag life. The gas entry is at casing bottom which also ensures separation of coarser particles from fine, by gravitational force. Due to their circular construction these bag filters can withstand more +/- pressure as compared to normal rectangular bag filters.

The circular construction of bag filter also ensures they are leak proof. The possibility of dust accumulation inside casing (on edges etc.) is eliminated. Due to the arrangement of bag as shown in the images each and every bag is exposed to the dust laden gas. Due to the swiveling arrangement shown, the top cover is pushed on one side during bag removal and hence there is room for lifting the top cover. Due to the special top cover & outlet plenum construction, the entry of outside air is avoided.

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