Our product range today covers Pulse Jet Bag Filters and Reverse Air Bag Houses, both structurally supported by freestanding on-line and modular off-line type units, including insertable type units.

Pulse Jet Bag Filters with filter bags of length more than 6 meters is equipped with pulsing system, an innovation patented by Thermax, delivers benefits of reduction in compressed air consumption, maintaining Differential Pressure translating into saving in power consumption of ID fan, facilitates capacity enhancement of  existing Bag Filter through retrofits
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Here the dirty gas enters the casing through the inlet-cum-bypass damper, if applicable, into a central chamber formed by perforated sheets. The gas flow towards the bags is partially upwards from below the sheets, and partially through the perforations, ensuring the separation of heavier dust and better gas distribution respectively.

The lighter dust gets carried upward to the bags. This gets deposited on the outer surface of the bags and is removed by a pre-determined cycle by a momentary pulse of high pressure compressed air as in a typical hopper entry type of bag filter.

To overcome these limitations, Thermax has designed a new series of long bag type bag filters – TKB series. Some of the unique features incorporated include:

Low pressure air cleaning system

The TKB Pulse Jet Bag Filter (PJBF) design incorporates a specialized low pressure cleaning system that offers following distinct advantages over conventional bag filters, with high pressure cleaning system. These include:

  • Lower pressure drop across the unit
  • Lower consumption of cleaning compressed air
  • Longer filter bag life
  • Lower noise level during operation

The low pressure cleaning system uses a special immersion type header mounted pulse valve. This system is designed to achieve:

  • Highly efficient & quick pulse of cleaning air
  • Lower pressure drop of cleaning air due to elimination of bend in pulsing system
  • Effective Flushing of dust

This cleaning system is so effective that it achieves 25% more cleaning pressure on the bag. The impulse is built in half the time it takes the conventional system.

  • Effectively flushes the bag & reduces re-deposition of fine dust
  • Can clean bags up to 10 meters length
  • Cleans the internal of the filter media to have lower longer term pressure drops
  • The filter media is not flexed as extensively as in the conventional cleaning, thus increasing the media life
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