Our product range today covers Pulse Jet Bag Filters and Reverse Air Bag Houses, both structurally supported by freestanding on-line and modular off-line type units, including insertable type units.

Pulse Jet Bag Filters with filter bags of length more than 6 meters is equipped with pulsing system, an innovation patented by Thermax, delivers benefits of reduction in compressed air consumption, maintaining Differential Pressure translating into saving in power consumption of ID fan, facilitates capacity enhancement of  existing Bag Filter through retrofits
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The pulse jet bag filter in its most rudimentary form, consists of filtration elements encased in housing. Below this casing is a hopper with a discharge valve, to remove the dust that is collected on the bags. The entire unit is supported from the ground on structural legs. A caged ladder provides access to the top of the unit for maintenance.

Dust laden air enters through the hopper by suction (normally on positive pressure). The heavier dust particles fall off at the entry itself, while the lighter dust gets carried upward to the bags. The dust gets deposited on the outer surface of the bags and clean air moves out from the center of the bags and escapes out from top air outlet. This is known as filtration.

The dust collected on the outer surface of bag is removed in a pre-determined cycle by a momentary pulse of high-pressure compressed air. The compressed air moves from an air reservoir or compressed air header, via the particular pulse valve into the compartment manifold and thereon into the bags, in the row beneath it.

Due to the pressured entry of compressed air into the bags, the bags get inflated. Thus the dust is collected on the bag as flakes falls down. Soon the bag comes back to its original position and the cleaning process is completed.

Dust flakes fall from the sides of the hopper and slide into the rotary air lock valve. As the valve travels clockwise, the dust trapped in between the vanes gets discharged from the opening below.

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