Our product range today covers Pulse Jet Bag Filters and Reverse Air Bag Houses, both structurally supported by freestanding on-line and modular off-line type units, including insertable type units.

Pulse Jet Bag Filters with filter bags of length more than 6 meters is equipped with pulsing system, an innovation patented by Thermax, delivers benefits of reduction in compressed air consumption, maintaining Differential Pressure translating into saving in power consumption of ID fan, facilitates capacity enhancement of  existing Bag Filter through retrofits
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Reverse Gas Flow

Each module is periodically and automatically shut-down for a brief reverse-air cleaning as per the system logic. Clean hot gas is drawn from the outlet plenum by the reverse-air fan into the reverse-air plenum during cleaning. During the process, the outlet damper is closed and the reverse-air damper is opened, letting in the reverse air in the opposite direction from the normal dusty gas flows. This action slowly collapses the bags breaking up the dust cake on the inner bag surfaces allowing the dust to get discharged to the hopper.

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