Fired Heater in Chemical & Petrochemical Segment

Over 49

installations worldwide

Upto 70 MM Kcal/hr

absorbed heat duty


Outlet temperature

Type of design

Vertical cylindrical and cabin type

Heaters are used for heating process fluids and thermal cracking in chemical and petrochemical sectors. These fired heaters are generally designed to American Petroleum Institute (API) codes like API-560, API-530, etc.

These units are built in modularised form to suit delivery requirements. The range of fired heaters offered by Thermax can suit a variety of process requirements and plant layouts. Depending on the application, the choice can be between ‘vertical cylindrical’ or ‘box-type furnace’ designs.


  • Liquid phase heater: mineral oil/synthetic oil heater and molten salt heater
  • Process industry heater: steam superheater, charge heater, start-up heater
  • Vapour phase heater: mineral oil/synthetic oil vaporiser and hydrocarbon vaporiser
  • Cracker: Ethylene di-chloride cracker, acetic acid cracker and gas cracker

Operating Range

  • Capacities: Up to 70 MMKCAL/HR (single unit)

Major Clients

  • Reliance Industries Ltd.
  • UHDE GmbH
  • Finolex Industries Ltd.
  • Gas Authority of India Ltd.
  • Trichy Distilleries & Chemicals Ltd.
  • Chemplast