Once Through Steam Boiler

Over 86

installations worldwide

Upto 300 MM BTU/hr


Upto 175 KG/CM2(G)

outlet pressure


outlet temperature

once through steam generator in canada
In the Up stream oil & gas segment there is a need for Enhanced Oil recovery , this is achieved by various techniques which involve the injection of steam , water, ec into the well. Thermax is in position to offer Once through steam generators for this application. The OTSG ‘s are also used for Steam assisted gravity drain technique of oil extraction & Thermax OTSG' are also suited for such application.

The units are designed to comply with codes ASME or with local codes and can be supplied in various sizes up to 300 MMBtu/ Hr capacity.

The fuel that can be fired in such units is either Natural Gas , Produced Gas , Heavy Oil or even Bitumin.

Thermax offer a special feature in these units & the serpentine coil is replaced with a helical coil which has many advantages.

Typical Once Through Steam generator for Heavy Fuel & Bitumin firing

Application of Once Through Steam Generators

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drain Projects

Operating Range

  • Capacities: Up to 300 MM Btu / Hr (Single Unit)

Major Clients

  • Venezulean Oil Compnay.
  • Japan Canada Oil Company
  • Peglar Hattersley Ltd.
  • Peter Brotherhood Boiler
  • DML Ltd. Devonport Royal Dockyard