Single Drum Radiant Boiler

Over 22

installations worldwide

Upto 500 TPH


Upto 160 KG/CM2(G)

outlet pressure

Upto 560°C

outlet temperature

These reliable and field tested boilers for the oil & gas sector offer best-in-class emission control.

Product Features

  • Fully drainable, horizontal and convective superheater, resulting in long life and high reliability; steam cooled superheater enhances reliability
  • Absence of boiler bank means reduced drum thickness, reduced capital, construction and maintenance costs, and higher operational reliability
  • Large furnace size and volume helps to reduce emissions; front wall firing for a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels independently, or in combination
  • Fully welded, bottom supported, membrane walled design provides a leak-proof construction on flue gas and water/steam side
  • Steam drum outside the flue gas path permits quick start-up and load chasing
  • Low refractory and thus reduced maintenance

Operating Range

  • Capacities: Upto 500 TPH
  • Pressure: Upto 160 kg/cm2 (g)
  • Temperature: Upto 560ºC
  • Fuels: Liquid fuels such as natural gas, purge gas, coke oven gas, #2 oil, # 6 oil, heavy fuel oil, residue oil, HSD, naphtha, hydrogen gas, biogas, waste gas.

Major Clients

  • Southern Petrochemicals Ind Corp
  • Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Co.
  • Arabian Petrochemical Co.
  • L&T for Tata Fertilizer
  • OEP for Oswal Chemical & Fertilizer
  • Madras Fertilizers
  • Reliance Petroleum Ltd.
  • Chambal Chemical & Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Hindustan Fertilizer Corporation Ltd., Dibrugarh
  • Orascom for Egypt Fertiliser Company
  • Gas Authority of India Ltd.
  • Matix Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.