Dan Chang wins award in cogeneration category using Thermax Boiler

dan chang wins award in cogeneration category using thermax boiler
Mitrphol Sugar, with their headquarter at Thailand, is one of the largest producers of cane sugar in the world with a global production capacity of 3.4 million ton raw sugar per year. They have cogeneration power plants at their sugar units under the Mitr Phol Bio Power Co.Ltd. Their Dan Chang Bio Energy Plant at Danchang , Thailand received a prestigious award in the cogeneration category of ASEAN Renewable Energy forum in 2013.

In phase 2 of expansion of the plant the company was able to optimize the energy and power needs by selecting a 170 TPH, 105 Bar(g), 520 Deg C Traveling grate boiler. This boiler was supplied by Thermax Ltd. and has been designed for firing bagasse and rice husk. This was first 105 bar (g) / 520 deg C pressure cycle boiler to be commissioned at Thailand in the sugar sector. This configuration of the steam generator allows the client to meet all his steam demand as well as power requirement and at the same export surplus power. The power plant has capacity of 32 MW of electrical power generation.

The boiler has been successfully commissioned and has been in continuous operation for over a year.

The prestigious award ceremony was held on 25th September 2013 in Bali, Indonesia where the award was conferred upon Dan Chang Bio Energy. The award was received by Suwat Kamolpanus, Managing Director of Mitr Phol Bio Power.

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