Pulverized coal fired Boilers for an Oil refinery in India

pulverized coal fired boilers for an oil refinery in india
“Fuel shift saves Energy cost at an Oil Refinery in India”

Thermax have Designed, manufactured & commissioned Pulverized coal fired Boilers for an Oil refinery in India. These units are designed to generate 750 TPH ( 510 MW equivalent ) of steam at 540ºC .

The special feature of this design allow the Boiler to be run (upto 100% capacity)on any of the fuels like pulverized coal / Naptha /Clarified Slurry oil/ Heavy Fuel Oil .

Another feature is the B&W MPS mills which ensure good pulverisation of the coal & efficient burning. Design features like Staged combustion, particulate capture ensures compliance to emission norms set for the area.

Earlier this refinery was using Oil for their power & steam requirements and these new boilers have reduced the energy costs by approximately 50% (based on prevailing Oil & Coal costs)

These boiler has been successfully commissioned and are in continuous operation for over 10,000 hours

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