Thermax generates energy from distillery waste

In a first of its kind achievement in India, Thermax has designed and commissioned a boiler that will generate steam and power using the highly polluting distillery waste – spent wash – as fuel. The boiler is commissioned for a distillery in Karnataka. The 23 TPH boiler that uses spent wash and coal as support fuel generates steam that is used in the distillery processes and will also co-generate two mega watt of power.

A typical molasses based distillery generates about 1000 tons of spent wash every day and earlier methods to deal with the waste (biomethanation and biocomposting have drawbacks. Large quantities of waste still remains after biogas production, posing a serious threat to local water bodies; and bio-composting is hampered by the requirement of large tracts of land and by rains that spread pollution.

By generating steam from spent wash, molasses based distilleries can significantly reduce their energy costs. By eliminating pollution, distilleries also comply with pollution control norms and gain community goodwill.

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