Green energy initiatives in South East Asia

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Thermax has been executing a series of green and renewable energy projects in South East Asia (SEA) to support the process steam and power requirements of industry. The company is harnessing the potential of biomass, agro waste and industrial waste heat for eco-friendly energy projects.

In Thailand Thermax achieved a breakthrough in the sugar sector when it helped industry leader Mitr Phol to opt for high pressure boilers using biomass, and a more efficient power plant, a first in the country. It recently bagged an order for a high-pressure co-generation boiler for an integrated sugar-cum-ethanol project in Cambodia. The boiler will use bagasse with other fuels, to generate 135 tons per hour of steam at 110 bar pressure and 540 degree Celsius.

Thermax is supporting a global dairy major's operations in Philippines and Thailand with boilers that use coffee grounds as well as a combination of biomass fuels to generate steam. Thai Carbon Black in Thailand and Cabot in Indonesia use Thermax boilers to generate power from waste heat. Thermax also recently executed an 80 TPH boiler for Sabah Forest Industries in Indonesia in supplying, transporting and erecting the entire boiler plant.

In SEA, the service business of Thermax is also helping industries trim their energy costs through life extension studies and retrofits of old boilers. In Malaysia, Thermax revamped three auxiliary boilers and three waste heat boilers at a gas processing plant of Petronas Gas Berhad.

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