Thermax HRSGs in Algerian solar power project

thermax hrsgs in algerian solar power project

Thermax HRSGs in Algerian solar power project

Thermax has supplied two supplementary fired Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) as critical equipment for an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) power plant for a Spanish EPC major. The project is 470 Kms from Algiers, in Algeria.

In this 150 MW hybrid power plant, solar energy supplements natural gas as energy source. The HRSGs are located on two gas turbines, converting their exhaust to 270 tons of steam per hour at 530 degree centigrade. This steam will in turn generate power from a steam turbine.

Thermax came up with a two stage firing system to meet the operating conditions of the power plant. The company's technical strength played an important role in the overall design of the project. In a recent solar meet, the client company singled out Thermax expertise for praise before 500 delegates.

The HRSGs are being set up at the project site where Thermax engineers would supervise the commissioning and performance tests of the units.

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