Hydrogen Off Gas


Installations worldwide

500 TPH


120 KG/CM2(G)

Outlet pressure


Outlet temperature

Designed to burn waste gas/tail gases to generate steam for process requirement or power generation. Typical applications include caustic industry where Hydreogne gas is availibale as a fule for making steam or for other purposes.

Product Features

  • Both fire-tube and water-tube type boilers
  • Natural circulation design
  • Combustor sized for adequate residence time to ensure complete burning of gas; 
  • Control systems to ensure complete combustion of gas

Operating Range

  • Capacities: Up to 100 TPH
  • Pressure: Up to 100 kg/cm2(g)
  • Temperature: Up to 560oC

Major Clients

  • Standard Alkalis
  • Rashtriya chemicals & fertilizers