Cement manufacturing is a highly energy-intensive process. Given the fragile and dynamic nature of the fuel and power situation faced by cement plants today, it makes sense for them to adopt waste heat recovery-based solution for the following reasons:
  • Greater energy security – helps meet up to 35% of power requirement
  • Improved competitive positioning
  • Regulatory push - policies mandating use of minimum 5-10% renewable/WHR energy are already in place in several states
The source of waste heat in the cement plant is after the suspension pre-heaters downstream of the rotary kilns and the clinker coolers.

Product Features

Waste heat recovery boiler for Pre-heater and Calciner
  • Horizontal boiler with tubes located vertically for uniform dust disposal and gas distribution
  • Proven technology to handle high dust laden gases of pre-heater and calciner
  • Inline/staggered heat transfer area
  • Cross flow gas direction offering efficient heat transfer
  • Fully field proven de-dusting hammering mechanism
  • Higher water holds-up capacity to cater to any steam fluctuations
  • Better accessibility
Waste heat recovery boiler for clinker cooler (with and without centre tap off)
  • Vertical boiler with horizontal tubes
  • Cross flow gas direction offering efficient heat transfer
  • Proven design for highly abrasive AQC gases
  • Available in both forced/natural circulation design unlike other designs
  • Less floor space offering flexibility in layout
  • Special finned design for better heat transfer

Major Clients

  • J. K. Cement Ltd, Nimbahera
  • J. K. Cements, Mangrol
  • Wonder Cement
  • Rain Cement Ltd.
  • Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd.
  • Ultra Tech Cement Ltd.
  • Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd.
  • Ramco Cements Ltd.
  • Reliance Cement Company Pvt Ltd.