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500 TPH


165 KG/CM2(G)

Outlet pressure


Outlet temperature

Thermax has proven expertise in designing, supplying and installing waste heat recovery boilers for chemical plants. It can offer WHR boiler for a number applications like Sulfuric Acid Plants , Nitric Acid plants , Dichromate plants , Caprolactum Plants etc.

In sulphuric acid plants the WHB is designed to handle gas-side operating pressures as high as 5,000 mmWC, which calls for special construction of economiser and superheater. The steam generated by the boiler is used for melting sulphur and driving the main air blower. The steam can also be used for power generation.

Features of waste heat recovery boiler on sulphuric acid plant

  • Both fire-tube and water-tube constructions possible; fire-tube boilers can be offered in both flexible and fixed tube-sheet design
  • Cast iron gill ring economiser to prevent sulphur corrosion.
  • Equipment (boiler, superheater, economiser) is scattered around converter
  • Gas outlet temperature control provided for efficient conversion of acid gas
WHR boiler offered by Thermax for nitric acid plant can be designed to suit both low-pressure as well as high-pressure systems.

Features of waste heat recovery boiler on nitric acid/caprolactum plant

  • Both natural circulation fire-tube and forced circulation water-tube designs available
  • NH3 burner included as a part of the unit
  • Gas-tight construction with stainless steel material
  • Heating coils to prevent dew point corrosion; wall cooling coils to protect the shell
  • Lamont nozzles for uniform distribution of water in the coils

Major Clients

  • Hitachi Zosen
  • Mitsui Engg & Shipbuilding Co.
  • Sterlite Industries Ltd.
  • Outotec 
  • Bagfas Fertilizer Co., Turkey
  • Birla Copper
  • Gujarat State Fertiliser for Caprolactum Plant
  • Indian Explosives Ltd. for Nitric Acid Plant
  • SNC Lavalin, Canada

Operating Range

  • Capacities: 20 TPD to 5000 TPD sulfuric acid production