Glass Furnance


Installations worldwide

500 TPH


165 KG/CM2(G)

Outlet pressure


Outlet temperature

Waste gases leaving glass-melting furnaces attain temperatures as high as 1,200 to 1,400oC (the corresponding temperature range for float-glass furnace is 450 to 550oC). These gases contain a high carry-over of silicates and alkalis, besides residues from heavy oil firing. Thermax has developed, supplied and successfully installed WHR boilers that recover heat from these exhaust gases to produce saturated/superheated steam for process heating, chilling or power generation applications.

Product Features

  • Compact single-drum or bi-drum natural circulation design
  • Optimum tube sizes and pitch to prevent choking; low gas velocities to prevent tube erosion
  • Specially designed cleaning mechanism to suit the requirement (e.g. hammering device, shot-ball cleaning)

Major Clients

  • Alembic Chemicals Ltd.
  • Ceat Ltd