Municipal Solid Waste / Refused Derived Fuels

The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)/Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) fired boilers, developed by Thermax through indigenous R&D efforts, offers a superior alternative to the present, unsustainable practice of making landfills from garbage collected by urban bodies/municipalities; steam generated by the boiler helps generate electricity close to major load centres.

The MSW/RDF fired boiler technology draws from Thermax's innovative tradition and experience with firing various non-conventional fuels including agro-wastes, spent-wash, sludge and other industrial wastes, and a variety of biomass.

Product Features

  • Specially designed furnace to ensure complete combustion and automated soot removal system
  • Hydraulic ram feeder provided considering fuel size variation
  • Specially designed pusher grate to handle wide variation in fuel type, moisture and particle size; special grate and air plenum sections provided to ensure better distribution/control
  • Positive movement of fuel over the grate minimises clinkering and blockages
  • Ram feeding system ensures uniform distribution of fuel onto the grate
  • No rotating parts, hence enhanced life and robust construction