Steam Boilers

Up to 40 TPH capacity

Thermal Oil Heaters and Vapourisers

Up to 25 Gcal/hcapacity

Hot Water Generators

Up to 17 Gcal/h Capacity

Hot Air Generators

Up to 3 Gcal/h capacity



Product Features

  • High Thermal efficiency :- 82% on coal at GCV, 80% on husk at GCV,79% on Kutch Lignite at GCV
  • Fluidised bed combustion for high ash/low grade fuels
  • Membrane panel construction for fuels with low ash fusion temperatures
  • Clean boiler house environment through enclosed and mechanized fuel feeding and ash retrieval system
  • Automatic fuel feed control to ensure steady steam flow.
  • Ease of maintenance : Total accessibility to pressure parts and furnace from both inside and outside
  • Quick and easy start ups and relighting made easy

Operating Range

  • Capacities :- Low Pressure – 10 TPH to 50 TPH (F & A 100° C), High Pressure – 8 TPH to 30 TPH (Actual)
  • Pressure :- 10.54 to 68 Kg/cm2g
  • Temperature :- Upto 490° C
  • Firing Fuels :- Coal, lignite, Rice Husk, Biomass etc