Integrated energy plant

SB greenply
Thermax is setting up an integrated energy plant for the production of medium density fibre (MDF) boards for Green Ply's new unit being set up in Uttarakhand.

MDF plants are highly energy intensive. At the Green Ply unit, designed to produce 600 cubic metres of MDF boards per day, Thermax would set up an integrated energy plant of 50 Mw (thermal) capacity from three streams of energy – steam, thermic fluid and hot gas. To generate these, Thermax will design, install and integrate a biomass combustor, a boiler and a thermic fluid heater. Nearly 70% of the plant's fuel requirements would be met by recycled wood waste and the balance by coal. The Thermax design will make it possible for Green Ply to increase the use of alternate fuels up to70% in case wood waste is put to some other use. The plant design makes provision for strict emission control using an electrostatic precipitator, also supplied by Thermax.

Dieffenbacher GmbH, the German OEM is also the technology supplier for Greenply's MDF unit. Traditionally energy plants are sourced from Europe. However, Green Ply, a Thermax customer for the past 30 years was confident of its offerings. And Diffenbacher, beginning their operations in India decided to check out local expertise.

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