Huskpac Ultra HP

Steam Boilers

Up to 40 TPH capacity

Thermal Oil Heaters and Vapourisers

Up to 25 Gcal/hcapacity

Hot Water Generators

Up to 17 Gcal/h Capacity

Hot Air Generators

Up to 3 Gcal/h capacity

Huskpac Ultra


Huskpac Ultra, the next generation rice husk fired boilers from Thermax, are designed to provide low cost heating with fuel efficiency as high as 74 %. Bubbling bed combustion, gives higher residence time to facilitate complete combustion, thus improving efficiency.

Product Features

  • Low cost heating
  • Bubbling bed combustion to enhance output and efficiency
  • Rice husk fired boiler
  • Top Loading design to avoid nozzle failure & bulging of reversal chamber
  • Special ferrules to protect smoke tubes from abrasive husk ash
  • Nozzles designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to ensure proper cooling & longer life

Operating Range

  • Capacities: From 2 to 5 TPH
  • Pressure: From 10.54 to 17.5 Kg/cm2 (g)
  • Firing fuels: Rice husk
  • Efficiency: Overall efficiency of 74 % (+/-2%)