As a B2B solution provider in the core areas of energy and environment, Thermax is committed to the development of sustainable alternatives for the industry to manage resources productively and without waste.

Solar parabolic concentrators generate hot water at temperature as high as 140°C and saturated steam at 3-4 bar pressure.
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Oil/Gas Fired

The Thermosyphon unit is a closed loop, high-pressure natural circulation unit using water as the heating media. It has distinct advantage over traditional industrial heating systems like steam or thermic-fluid – it does not suffer from condensate losses or blow down losses observed in steam systems.

Thermosyphon prevents risk of contamination, especially in food products due to leakage of thermic fluid.

Product Features
  • High capacity heating system
  • Multi-fuel option – oils and gases
  • Multi-start helix angle guards against vapour lock
  • Works on the principle of natural circulation – no pump required
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Completely automatic and suitable for unmanned operation
Operating Range
  • Capacities: From 0.4 to 2.5 million kcal/hr
  • Firing fuels: Oil & gas
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