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Solar parabolic concentrators generate hot water at temperature as high as 140°C and saturated steam at 3-4 bar pressure.
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Palmax is a packaged smoke tube steam boiler designed to be fired on palm kernel shell or palm DOC, but with few modifications, it can also be fired on coconut shell, wood or coal.

Effective particulate emission control is achieved with simple ash room and Wet Scrubbers, etc.

More than 1,000 installations worldwide stand testimony to the reliability and ruggedness of these boilers. Wetback design ensures minimum use of refractory and consequently fewer refractory problems, leading to higher availability of the boiler for process requirements. Special ferrules have been provided to protect smoke tubes from the abrasive ash, which leads to longer life of the smoke tubes.

Product Features
  • Low cost heating
  • Wetback design ensures minimum refractory problems
  • Low stack temperature at boiler outlet
  • Hinged smoke chamber, making cleaning of tubes easy, also facilitates settling of ash
  • Supplied with forced draft primary air fan
  • Provided with special ferrules to protect smoke tubes from abrasive ash
  • Palm kernel shell or palm DOC fired boiler
  • Automatic boiler operation & fuel feeding ensure uniform output & no fuel wastage
  • Dust collector systems like Multi-cyclone Dust Collectors, Cyclomax, Wet Scrubbers, etc.
Operating Range
  • Capacities: From 2 to 5 TPH
  • Pressure: From 10.54 to 17.5 Kg/cm2 (g)
  • Firing fuels: Palm kernel shell or palm DOC, coconut shell, wood & coal
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