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Solar parabolic concentrators generate hot water at temperature as high as 140°C and saturated steam at 3-4 bar pressure.
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The Deltatherm VT series thermic fluid/thermal oil heater is designed for maximum efficiency using a variety of solid fuels including agrowaste fuels. It allows high process temperatures at low operating pressures.

Product Features
  • For fuel such as coal, wood, sawdust baggase, etc.
  • Option of Trava grate/inclined water cooled grate/flat grate, etc.
  • Capacity up to 2.5 million kcal/hr
Operating Range
  • Capacities : From 0.1 to 20.0 million kcal/hr
  • Firing fuels : Solid fuels/agro-fuels

The combustion system for solid fuels consists of fuel handling and stoking equipment, refractory lined chamber, air and flue gas handling system (induced draught, forced draught or balanced draught) with blowers and pollution control equipment. The furnace construction is done on site. It includes foundation, fabrication and erection of supporting structure, building up refractory chambers, fixing up firing doors, ash doors, access doors, fuel feeders, support bars for grates, grate bars, etc.

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