Energy-efficient Cooling at Hudson Yards with Multienergy Chiller-heaters

Overlooking the Hudson river in New York is Hudson Yards, the largest private real-estate complex in the United States. The complex comprises of public park, residential apartments, hotel, office buildings and a cultural venue. Hudson Yards is also home to a seven-storey mall with over 100 shops and 20 restaurants. With massive complexes and modern buildings powered by energy-efficient utilities, Hudson Yards stands as a model of sustainability in New York City.

Effective realisation of the aimed model

Reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and minimising waste generation remained the prime objective of the builders while raising the structures of Hudson Yards. As a part of the aimed model, Hudson Yards employs a first-of-its-kind microgrid comprising of two eco-friendly cogeneration plants. Four large Jenbacher engines in the plants generate electricity required for the buildings. With the cogeneration plants in place, waste heat recovery presented a tremendous opportunity for attaining energy sustainability in the buildings. Hence, the builders and agencies of Hudson Yards collaborated with Thermax to capitalise the excess heat emanated from the engines and use it to cool the buildings.

Cooling the yards with four absorption chiller-heaters

Thermax has a successful history of integrating its cooling and heating solutions in cogeneration plants and recovering heat from the internal utilities. Looking inward at the available processes in a facility, Thermax recovers waste heat and utilises it to meet the facility’s cooling and heating demands, thus resulting in cost advantages and energy benefits. Thermax’s success in recovering heat from cogeneration plants coupled with our quick and exceptional service support paved way for the partnership with Hudson Yards.

After a detailed understanding of the processes involved and in alignment with the sustainability goals, Thermax has installed four multienergy chiller-heaters each of 660 tons of refrigeration at Hudson Yards. Waste heat from the four Jenbacher engines each of 2.4 MW, drives the chiller-heaters. Chilled water from the chiller-heaters offer comfort cooling to the buildings in Hudson Yards. With the installation of the chiller-heaters, Thermax has not only reduced the buildings’ energy consumption over a long term, but also made comfort cooling at Hudson Yards more reliant.

Rapidly increasing population and urbanisation raise a growing concern about energy consumption in buildings. In order to eliminate the adverse impacts of urbanisation on the environment, it is necessary to design and develop utilities that align with the sustainability goals of builders and developers.

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