Polymeric Adsorbent Resins

Tulsion® polymeric adsorbents are used globally in a number of applications across various industries. Tulsion® adsorbents can be used in columns with repeated exhaustion and regeneration cycles in both up-flow and down-flow operations. They specifically designed pore size, surface area and particle size, and qualify the stringent limits of free salts and metals.

Tulsion® specialty adsorbents are of two types

Polystyrene-based – These adsorbents are used to adsorb hydrophobic (non-polar) solutes from polar solvents. Selectivity and extent of adsorption of a solute increases as hydrophobicity of the solute increases.

Polyacrylate-based – These adsorbents are preferably used to adsorb non-polar solutes from aqueous systems and polar solutes from non-polar solvents. Tulsion® polymeric adsorbents are highly porous structures whose internal surfaces can adsorb and then de-absorb a wide variety of different species based on the process and conditions they are applied. Depending on the nature of moieties adsorbed, they can be very easily regenerated by using methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, steam, aqueous sodium hydroxide of a particular concentration, etc

Applications of Tulsion® Adsorbents
  • Removal of phenol and substituted phenol from aqueous and non-aqueous streams
  • Removal of chlorinated solvents
  • Fatty acid adsorption
  • Recovery of heterocyclic amines
  • Purification and separation of amino acids from aqueous streams
  • Purification of alkanolamines
  • Removal of fulvic acid
  • Benzene, toluene and xylene recovery
  • Sugar decolorisation
  • Purification of hydrogen peroxide
  • Surfactant removal
  • Chlorinated pesticide waste treatment
  • Cephalosporin purification
  • Ampicillin purification
  • Anthocyanin removal
  • Antibiotics purification
  • Enzyme support
  • Separation of mixtures of aniline, n-methylaniline and n, n-dimethylaniline
  • Immobilisation of penicillin G acylase
  • Adsorption of proteins and enzymes
  • Decolorization of organic streams and kraft pulp mill effluents
  • Recovery from plant extracts
  • Analytical chromatography
  • Purification of various compounds in pharmaceutical industry
  • Aloe Vera juice purification/removal of polyphenols from aloe vera juice
Advantages of Tulsion® Adsorbents
  • Precise technical characteristics
  • High purity
  • High consistency
  • Easy desorption/elution
  • Wide range of application coverage
  • Tailored offerings for customer specific requirements

Thermax offers expert advice in selection of appropriate Tulsion® adsorbents for application of your choice, their quantities and operational guidelines.

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