Tulsion® specialty ion exchange resins for liquid glucose (LG) de-ashing/HFCS de-ashing

Highly purified and specifically processed Tulsion® speciality ion exchange resins are extensively used in the sweetener industry to manufacture high quality liquid glucose/dextrose.

Liquid glucose (LG) and dextrose, manufactured from multiple starch sources like maize, potatoes, rice, taro, wheat, tapioca, etc., contains impurities such as ash, colouring bodies and proteinaceous material. These undesired impurities could potentially affect the finished product quality and hence, need to be removed.

Advantages of Tulsion® specialty resins
  • Removes alkaline earth salts, ionisable organic salts along with amino acids and polypeptides.
  • Improves overall colour stability of syrup through removal of moieties, which may develop colour in long run.
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