Mixed Bed Resin

Tulsion® Mixed Bed (MB) resins are a mixture of cation and anion exchange resins. These heterogeneous resins are used as polishers to obtain high purity water, which is required for boiler feed for high-pressure boilers, electronics and electrical discharge cutting machines, glass window washing and pharmaceutical applications. Tulsion® MB resins can be supplied in highly regenerated, premixed conditions for use in dye applications. They are also available as highly regenerated cation and anions for use in re-generable mixed bed units. Premixed resins are available in different proportions and combinations of cation and anions to suit end-user needs.

Tulsion® resin used – Tulsion® MB-101, Tulsion® MB-106, Tulsion® MB-108, Tulsion® MB-115, Tulsion® MB-1060

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