Thermax Oil Field chemicals are popular not merely on the strength of their chemical specifications, but on the value of their performance. A wide range of oil field chemicals are manufactured for handling crude oils of various characteristics.

Thermax is capable of offering customized chemicals and solutions for the specific needs and application of customers.
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Thermax can take facility Management and related services which includes:

  • Laboratory Set up
  • Sample Collection
  • Timely Analysis
  • Report Transmission
  • Exception Reports
  • Recommendations
  • Inventory Control
  • Documentation

Thermax also has tie up with overseas Technical Consultants for guidance on effective usage of chemicals and to resolve the problems occurring during chemical dosing and performance related issues.

Thermax has it’s own in house laboratory set up for product development & for carrying out application testing. This includes –

  • Wax/Paraffin Testing Capabilities: Pour Point Bath, Brookfield RD DV III Ultra Rheometers, Fann Viscometer, Brookfield Viscometer, Gas Chromatograph, Manual Cloud Point, Cold Filter Plugging Point
  • Corrosion Testing Capabilities: Static Test Assembly, Dynamic Wheel Test Assembly, LPR Field units CORRODATA
Scale Testing Capabilities
  • Ion Chromatograph : For accurate analysis of scaling components like Ca++, Mg++, Strontium
  • Flame Photometry : For detailed analysis of Scale
  • Standard Bottle tests for Calcium Carbonate and Sulphates
  • Dynamic Tube Blocking low pressure system
  • PMAC Scale prediction Analysis of scale samples
Biocides Testing Capabilities
  • Time Kill, Field analysis – Serial dilution cultures
Demulsifier Testing Capability
  • Experienced bottle testers, Kit management (introduction of new/novel demulsifiers), Complete field bottle test capability & Compatibility testing.
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