Employee Involvement

Joy of Giving: During the Joy of Giving Week, i.e., the week around 2nd October, Thermax organises various activities to bring in smile among the underprivileged and deprived people. During the joy of Giving week through Thermax Foundation it organised the following activities:

  • Blanket / Towel / Bedsheet Donation Drive: During the year Thermax organised, blanket, towels and bedsheets donation drive across various locations in Pune. The items thus collected were given out to Kinara Vriddha and Matimand Seva Trust at Chinchwad, Pune.
  • Colour My World: Thermax employees participated in 'Colour my World' event organised on Saturday, 27th September 2014, this was the 3rd time this event was organised, on the occasion of Joy of Giving Week to create a 120 feet wall mural. There were a total of around 50 participants, which included Thermax Employees, their children, teachers and also the students from K C Thackeray School. The event was organised at Smt. Anusyabai Namdeo Waghere English Medium School, Pimpri.
  • Futsal: Thermax provides opportunity to all its employees for participating in various social causes. During the winter with the drop in temperature, Thermax provided another opportunity to recharge energy levels of its employees. It organised FUTSAL with the Kids from the schools run by Thermax Foundation and Akanksha. FUTSAL is a miniature form of football. For this particular FUTSAL the total duration of the match was for 10 minutes only, consisting of 7(players)+1(reserve) per team. At total of 8 teams participated in which consisted of Thermax Employees and the Akanksha School kids.
  • India Giving Challenge: Thermax like last year participated in India Giving Challenge organised by Give India to raise funds for Akanksha Foundation, the NGO which it partners with and supports. This year it raised about Rs.65000 through the India Giving Challenge for Akanksha.
  • Payroll Giving Programme (through Give India): This initiative was launched in 2007 to enable employees to contribute any amount as per their ability on a monthly basis, towards a cause / charity of their choice. Currently over 1773 employees have registered for this payroll giving programme and till date have contributed over Rs.81.33 lakh.
  • Participation in Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM): Thermax has been putting up Corporate Challenge team in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon every year since 2007. This is one of the biggest fund raising and sporting event in Asia, a movement that brings the common man, corporate czars, politicians and film stars to one platform as they support a social cause. On an average around 38000 people participates in SCMM every year. By participating in the event one has to raise fund for the Charity they are supporting. Thermax has been supporting Akanksha and has raised over Rs. 48 lakh for Akanksha till date.