Teach For India Initiative

The Teach For India (TFI) programme which began in 2009 aims to reduce India's educational iniquity. It places India's outstanding college graduates and young professionals for two years as full time teachers in municipal and low-income schools. This is another model that Thermax supports to improve the quality of education. It places academically bright and outstanding college graduate and professionals in the existing education system and tries to improve quality while dealing with the everyday challenges.

Since 2011, Thermax has been the platinum sponsor for TFI, supporting 45 fellows in 10 Schools under TFI. From the Financial Year 2015-16, considering the growing need, Thermax Foundation Board has sponsored as many as 100 fellows in the FY 2015-16 and will continue to support a minimum of 45 fellows since then. Thermax not only supports the programme financially, but also provides infrastructure and government liaison when required.