The Kolkata team spent a day with the elderly citizens

The Kolkata team spent a day with the elderly citizens

The Thermax Kolkata office team as part of their CSR initiative visited an Old aged Home named Mulvany Home on Saturday, 25th August 2018.

While the Kolkata volunteers were moved by the loneliness of these senior citizens at an age when they need the warmth, love and tender support of their family, they were equally inspired to see their wit and ability to keep themselves away from brooding. One of the lady in her nineties as seen in the picture enthusiastically read out her poems written in Bengali and others shared their stories with the team.

The old age home residents were very happy to meet Thermax volunteers and looked forward to their visit again. Our Kolkata team had purchased gifts for each of the residents with their contribution. Our volunteers made the residents sing, laugh and helped them in whatever small ways they could. Each of the employees who volunteered for this kind act returned with loads of blessings and a surge of emotional contemplation.

They plan to continue this as an on-going periodic routine.

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