The Mumbai team took to the busy streets in Colaba

The Mumbai team took to the busy streets in Colaba

Post office hours on the evening of Monday, 27th August, 22 enthusiastic employees from our Mumbai office volunteered to contribute their bit towards creating awareness for road safety. Despite the intermittent heavy rains in Mumbai, the team took their respective assigned places at prominent traffic signals at Colaba.

The idea was to do something for the traffic police who do a great job despite the hardships involved, in a busy city like Mumbai. The team took all the necessary permits from the traffic police department to ensure that the implementation of the activity was accomplished successfully.

Our volunteers helped the senior citizens to cross the road, requested people who parked the vehicles on zebra crossing to leave that space for pedestrians, stood with slogans on safe driving as the vehicles sped past and created awareness on safety belts and helmets. It was a fulfilling experience for our Thermaxians braving the noise, pollution and rush of countless vehicles, in rain.

To demonstrate their gratitude for the traffic police, the team took prior permission to invite the traffic police standing with them at the Colaba signals to join them for dinner.

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