Heat Pump Chiller meets the cooling and heating requirements of industries singlehandedly while offering maximum flexibility and energy savings. It’s an ideal solution in cases where cooling and heating utilities are required simultaneously with an ability to change the load easily.

“Double action. Single solution”
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Heat Pump Chiller

Heat Pump Chiller meets the new-age industrial demands by delivering the operations of both a chiller and boiler in a single solution. It cools, heats, or does both simultaneously by offering three unique modes of operations, viz. Cooling, Heating, and Simultaneous. The ability to change loads and mode of operations according to the operational needs allows businesses to achieve maximum flexibility and overall savings. The solution offers 32% overall energy savings and 60% water savings and delivers chilled water as low as 1°C and hot water as high as 90°C.
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Operating Range
  • Capacity: 100-850 TR (Cooling) | 875-7400 kW (Heating)
  • Chilled water output: as low as 1°C
  • Hot water output: as high as 90°C
  • Driving heat source: Steam, Hot water, Exhaust, Fuel firing, and Thermic fluid.
  • Modes of operation: Cooling, Heating, and Simultaneous
  • Chemical
  • Beverages
  • Automobile
  • Dairy
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Refinery
  • Petrochemicals
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