Thermax helps client industries to conserve on capital investments and to refurbish their existing equipment to shore up efficiencies and give rated outputs.

Thermax heating division, to it’s credit, has commissioned over 100 different projects in India and worldwide
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Retrofit for small and large boilers include conversion from oil to solid fuels including biomass, waste gases and process waste and process waste.

Water treatment and waste water (sewage/effluent) treatment systems can be augmented and upgraded, avoiding expensive and time consuming investments in additional land and equipment.

Retrofit services are available for
  • Packaged boiler
  • Large boilers
  • Water and waste water treatment systems
  • Air pollution control equipment

Boiler Automation

We provide Furnace draft control system and “Air/Fuel feed control system for solid fuel fired boilers. We also offer Drum level control system.

Product Features
  • Fuel saving of 4-6% by Air : Fuel control
  • Reduction in power consumption up to 40% through furnace draught control
  • Full proof safety against back firing
  • Improved combustion
  • Reduced manual intervention
  • Conventional / PLC based control system available.

Solid fuel conversion

Fuel shift from present oil firing to solid fuel becomes inevitable owing to the raise in fuel cost. With such a vast hike in oil price, the payback turns out to be huge, which compel most of the oil fired boiler users to shift to solid fuel fired options. Fuel conversion is possible with external or integral furnace conversion depending on the space availability in the boiler house.


To recover the heat content from the flue gases of boiler/heater.

Dye Liquor Heat Recovery

To recover heat from dye liquor waste from dyeing application in textile industry. This is normally used to heat water required for the process itself.

Incinerator Exhaust

To recover the heat from incinerator exhaust. This heat can be used to generate steam or hot water or thermal oil heating.

Furnace Exhaust

To recover the heat content from furnace exhaust e.g., activated carbon exhaust. This heat can be used to generate steam or hot water or thermal oil heating.

Engine Exhaust

To recover the heat content from engine exhaust. This heat can be used to generate steam or hot water or thermal oil heating.

We also shall offer cases with external furnace with Membrane panel assembly so that the capacity deration can be ruled out. With this even though initial investment is high, we can offer this with an alternative option of converting the existing SM boiler with above deration by simply putting the external conversion.

Customer can get big advantages like, getting very attractive savings vis-a-vis the investment and also for sutiable cases, it can be recommended for CDM benefits.

Oil & gas conversion

Thermax has complete range of energy efficient burners, covering all aspects of combustion control and monitoring from OILON of Finland, one of world’s leading innovative and customer centric burner manufacturers.

Most of the company’s product development projects today include a major emphasis on emission reduction and automation and OILON now offers customers wide range of ‘intelligent’ low NOx burners.

Our special strength is a wide range of different burners designed to meet varied industrial process heating requirements.

Product range
  • Pressure jet oil burners
  • Gas burners
  • Pressure jet dual fuel burners
  • Steam/air atomized burners
  • Burners capable of using preheated air up to 250o C

Oilon’s product pallette includes over 400 standard burner models for light oil, heavy oil & gas with an output range of 10KW to 22,500 KW and over 100 models for power plants, incineration plants and various burners designed for industrial processes with outputs of up to 63,000 KW. These products are manufactured according to a stringent programme of quality cotrol and they also have an ISO 9001 certified quality system. Manufacturing operations are certified by ISO 14001 environmental management system. Their wide array of burners is built to match internationally accepted norms and meet stringent EU standards like EN230, EN267 and EN676.


Fluidised Bed Combustion

To convert conventional grate firing mode to fluidised bed combustion to enhance efficiency of Husk fired boilers.

Capacity Enhancement on Boilers

To increase existing capacity of existing steam boiler with addition of few equipments.

Efficiency Enhancement in Heaters

To enhance the efficiency of existing solid fuel fired thermal oil heaters.

Air Pre-heater

To recover the heat content from the flue gases of boiler/heater.

Water Pre-heater

To recover the heat content from the flue gases of boiler/heater.

Customised solutions

We offer thermic fluid Steam generators (TSG), hot gas generator,condensing economisers, thermic fluid oil pre-heater, radiators, integral/external super heater & customised solution for other special applications like corn cob drying, crum rubber application, moisture drying application, etc.

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