Thermax will provide 10,000 TR cooling for Adani Group’s Mundra Solar PV Ltd. Five double effect steam driven chillers have been dispatched, which will use steam from the customer’s coal based power plants to air condition the production area of the PV cells. This is the highest value single order that the cooling division has bagged in India. Conventionally, copper, copper nickel or stainless steel tubes are employed in the chiller’s absorber and condenser section; but since Mundra Solar uses sea water directly, corrosion resistant titanium tubes are being used.

Thermax Cooling has also despatched multi-energy absorption chiller-heaters for the Hudson Yards Development Project in Manhattan, New York. The equipment will provide chilled and hot water for airconditioning. Each chiller is designed for 664 TR of cooling and 4280 MBH heating. They are driven by exhaust gases and heat from jacket water coming from 3.3 MW GE Jenbacher natural gas engines which generate electricity for the buildings. The $20 billion Hudson project spread across 28 acres includes commercial and residential space, shops, restaurants and a luxury hotel.

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