The ‘Innovative Energy Saving Product’ award is for the company’s glycol-free vapour absorption system that produces chilled water at 10C for industrial processes.

Glycol, though moderately toxic, is an anti-freeze agent commonly used in chilled water air conditioning as it cools below the freezing temperature of water. By eliminating it, the One-degree chiller helps dairy and food processing units avoid hazardous leakage, corrosion and the recurring cost of replacing the costly solution.

The 10C chiller achieves glycol-free operation by enhancing the design of the heat exchanger. The changed tube metallurgy safeguards against freeze failures. The modifications ensure uniform flow of clean and chilled water. The energy-saving cooling option also helps in reducing carbon emissions.

The Thermax team received the CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management at Hyderabad in August 2017.

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