Air in the vicinity of a steel major in eastern India has become cleaner, thanks to a Fume Extraction System installed by Thermax’s Air Pollution Control division (Enviro). Inaugurated by its MD in February 2015, it is the first in the country for hot metal pooling in a steel unit.

The Jamshedpur facility has three pooling pits which generate extensive fumes when hot metal is dumped. It was decided to install a fume extraction system at one of the pits to capture and clean the fumes. The system is designed to achieve stack emission of 10 mg/Nm3, even though approved norms are 50 mg/Nm3. The collected dust goes through a conveyor to a silo which stores it for up to two days. A valve and a chute then dispose of the dust into dumping trucks.

The system has also made life easier for employees working at ground level by capturing particulate matter and cleaning the air.

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