Thermax has been at the forefront of environmental technologies in India.The companynow joins hands with Marsulex, USA to bring its world-famousFGD Technology to India.

Industry can now profit from Marsulex’s gas cleaning technologies such as Wet flue gas desulphurization and Semi-dry flue gas desulphurization.

The tie-up supports India’s pledge at the Paris Climate Summit (COP21) and the subsequent thrust of the Indian Government to reduce the emission of Green House gases.

Thermax & Marsulex have been working together since 1986, bringing state-of-the-art particulate emission control technologies to India.

Marsulex, based in USA provides systems and services to electric utilities, petrochemical and other industries. It offers highly efficient, multi pollutant approach to capture SOx, acid gases and metals. Marsulex FGD plants are working for more than 95,000 MWe capacity around the world.

Thermax, the energy environment company is a pioneer in India with an active presence in the entire spectrum of emission control business. It has aninstallation base of over 1000 Fabric Filters, 2000 ESPs, 160 turnkey Projects, 50 scrubbers and industrial FGDs.

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