Thermeon, the new product launched by the heating division has been enthusiastically received by small and medium scale industries to meet their energy needs. This boiler available in the range of 150kg to 750 kg per hour uses a variety of solid fuel – Indian coal, wood chips, and husk briquettes.

Industrial units traditionally using oil boilers have been troubled by volatile oil and gas prices. Such units will find Thermeon a source of cost effective energy. The boiler addresses the uncertainty about rising fuel costs by bringing to the customer Thermax’s experience with low cost solid fuels in a compactly engineered boiler. The skid mounted unit occupies a small area and generates high quality dry steam (97%).

Thermeon has been developed by a cross functional team. Designed for high efficiency and reliability, the boiler is engineered and manufactured as per Indian Boiler Regulations code. Small units will find the system easy to maintain and operate. Payback of the investment within a year is an additional advantage.

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