Operation and maintenance services provided by TBWES since the early 1990s have helped customers improve their plant availability and efficiency.

We have gained a great deal of experience in this field and are able to leverage it to your maximum benefits
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Our boiler O&M Services are extended to wide array of plants across different sizes and configurations, fuel and technology.

TBWES boiler O&M services offers benefits, which includes reduction in capital and operational expenses, increased revenue through improved boiler reliability and availability and reduced outages.

Value addition by Thermax
  • Achieving ZERO Breakdown
  • Added reliability and maintainability of boilers
  • Stabilisation of entire plant through trouble free operation
  • Technical solutions such as generation of standard operating procedures, methods statements
  • Continuous performance improvement through design revalidation
  • Boiler Life Extension through CA & RLA program
  • In house water and waste water expertise
  • Chemicals for Cooling Water and Boiler Feed Water treatment
  • Inventory Management
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