Privacy Policy

Legal and Privacy Statement

Content related to Personal Data Protection Framework (PDPF) – to be completed by 31-Dec-2019

  1. Privacy Policy: Attached file contains Privacy Policy approved by Prosenjit. We would like to implement the same w.e.f. 01-Jan-2020. I have seen that there is already a Privacy policy / statement on our website. We need to replace the same with this policy.
  2. Cookie statement: We need to also add a statement when anybody accesses our website, which mentions that our site uses Cookies for the purpose of website performance improvement (or any other purpose as mentioned by our designers). For more details, the visitors should click on a link directing them to the Privacy Policy
  3. Web user consent form: If we are collecting name, phone number, address etc. of customers / web-site visitors through any Enquiry form, then their consent should be taken before allowing them to enter the information

Content related to Information Security Management System (ISMS)

  1. News / information: As we recently received ISO 27001 certification, can we put it as information on our website like you did on our Linked In account?
  2. ISO 27001 certificate: Also, I recollect a section on website where our ISO certificates were stored. Can we add ISO 27001 certificate there?
  3. Policy: Finally, I also recommend to put the statement of our Information Security Policy in Policies section