Latest combustion technology

Latest combustion technology

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Underfeed Stoker

Thermax with its insatiable urge for technological developments brings yet another technical marvel – the underfeed stoker.
Underfeed stoker essentially utilises combined gasification and combustion of fuel. The name itself suggests that the fresh fuel is fed from beneath the heap of burning fuel and is continuously replenished in the entire length of retort with a screw feeder. The combustion air is supplied through a set of castings mounted on the retort. The gasification of fuel on top layer of heap facilitates volatile combustion. The balance combustion of fixed carbon happens on flat surfaces provided in furnace or on stationary grates.


  • Silent and highly efficient combustion
  • Automated and regulated fuel feeding ensuring automated combustion in consistent efficiency regime
  • High part load efficiency
  • Proven technology in European market for over four decades
  • Fuel flexible design – suitable for variety of fuels
  • Lower SPM levels across fuel matrix
UFS technology can be used with boilers and heaters. Packaged with this technology Combloc and Enerbloc are most efficient, smart and affordable automated solutions for industrial applications.

Features of CB and CT UFS

  • Custom designed for combustion of variety of fuels
  • Hybrid design – combination of underfeed stoker with sloped stationary grate
  • Automated air and fuel regulation for efficient combustion
  • Multiple pass furnace design facilitating efficient utilisation of radiant heat transfer
  • Silent combustion - Very less carryover of fuel
  • Eco friendly – very low CO and dust emission
  • Sufficient large access doors for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Modular design for ease of construction, minimal site refractory and low installed cost
  • Factory insulated units