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The Russian Federation is a country of immense size that has extremely competitive industries which require solutions that Thermax can provide. These industries include Oil and Gas, Mining, Electrical engineering, Paper and pulp production, Construction, Infrastructure, Food processing and agriculture. In Russia, Thermax’s Absorption Cooling and Heating business is represented by its partner, Cold Energy LLC. The company distributes Thermax solutions across Russia and several other countries that comprise the Eurasian Union. Currently, there are several vapour absorption machines installed across Russia. Apart from these, absorption chillers, cooling towers, water and wastewater solutions and chemical industry solutions are also provided by Thermax in the country. Clients can benefit from an umbrella of services that range from design to installation and maintenance and training throughout the life cycle of the installed equipment. The company also provides remote monitoring of installed vapour absorption machines.


Chillers on the Russian front

Thermax has offered more than 70 Chillers in Russia across all applications like Oil and Gas Refineries, Petrochemical, Food and Beverages […]

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    Office No: 139,
    Building No:9
    26th Bakinskikh Commissarov
    Moscow 119571
  • +7 495 434 3041/434 4658
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  • Vadim Konakov
    Country Manager – Chemical
  • +7 (495) 434 30 41 / +7 (910) 458 67 85
  • vk@thermaxglobal.ru
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