Customer Training

Being one of the major boiler manufacturers and respected organizations Thermax always believes in sharing the knowledge it gathers through research and development with the various industries. Keeping this focus in mind Thermax started dedicated training center focusing on improving Steam Network Efficiency.

  Thermax although training its customers through various programs since long time. Till now Thermax has trained more than 5000 professionals in various energy related area. Out of these more than 500 professionals were trained on steam engineering system.

In today’s competitive world every company is keen on improving the system efficiency and trying to reduce the cost by all possible means. Cost of Manufacturing of any product is a major contributor in overall product costing. Cooling & Heating system along with electrical systems in any plant plays an important role in defining the manufacturing cost of the product. Improvement in these areas can bring the significant change in system efficiency. Keeping this vision in mind Thermax started the training center in 2000 and since then imparting knowledge to its customers and help them to reduce their manufacturing cost.