Energy saving steam accessories

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A part of its growing business of Facility Energy Management Services (FEMS), Thermax offers a range of standard and customized steam accessories to extend its energy conservation support. Thermax has created an impressive list of clients for this business in India, the Middle East, South East Asia and SAARC countries.

The products include various types of steam traps, flow metres, pressure reducing stations, condensate recovery systems and deaerators. Steam traps help in draining away the condensate that takes up space in the flow pipes, improving the efficiency of steam distribution. Flow metres calibrate the precise amount of steam requirement in each process within the plant. Deaerators remove dissolved gases and prevent corrosion of process equipment, improving overall energy management.

Pressure reducing stations underline the sound thermal engineering practice of generating and distributing steam at high pressure and using it at low pressures – as process equipment is normally designed for much lower pressures of steam. Condensate recovery systems from Thermax make a big difference to fuel cost, as liquid condensate left after heat is extracted in several processes, still retain 15% to 20% of heat. Condensate also can be used as good quality boiler feedwater, reducing the cost of water and water side treatment chemicals.

Pressure reducing-cum-desuperheating stations are used by several power plants. Once the power generation is over, this system kicks in to cool and bring down the pressure and temperature of the steam and makes it suitable for the process application. Quick Heat, another customised product for hotels, generates instant hot water from steam. The residual condensate is recycled as boiler feedwater.

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